THE QUINPHONIC FESTIVAL (Birmingham) : Weend’ô confirm they can play in Metal Festival too !

Unforgetable moments there, again !

To be honest, we did not feel very at ease because we are used to play for prog people or rock people.

At this festival (for metal bands with female vocals), we had to meet a new challenge : Weendo had to confirm/show they have their place in Metal Festivals !L

Well, Weendo received another success ! People were very surprised to discover our band, our music and they confirmed that we should play more in the Metal bands ‘ Festival !

It is up to the organizers…now you know ;)


revue au Summer's End Prog Festival oct 2017

SUMMER’S END PROG FESTIVAL 2017 : Weend’ô, the Revelation !

We lived a great moment at the Summer’s End Prog Festival in Wales last October !!

Absolutely insane ! The audience was so receptive to our musical universe that we sold nearly all our cds the same night !! Only 4 cds left to assure the merch the next day at the Birmingham’s festival (metal rock bands with female vocals only).

here after, pls find what people said above Weend’ô :

> Brian McAllister “To finish my top three acts of this year’s Summers End festival, this band was a revelation to a lot of people. They gave a fantastic performance.”

> Progressive Aspect



A lovely day greets us as we drive back into Chepstow, park up and stroll to the Drill Hall. It promises to be a good day but it’s an unexpected highlight to start…

Weend’ô (F)

 Tony: Saturday; post breakfast, the machinations of mice, men and bowls of fruit, we arrive at The Drill Hall, Weend’ô have started and the powerful voice that is Laetitia Chaudemanche is demanding that I come and listen. It’s a wow, reminding me of Guesch Patti & Encore, it balances on the proverbial knife edge with both power and poise; without words the band of Térence Nguyen, Maxime Rami and Nathanaël Buis demonstrate a beautiful musicality, paired with Laetitia they become perfection. Yeah, okay, I am enamoured yet again by a great female voice. Yes, I bought their latest, Time of Awakening, and it is a cordon bleu banquette of sound. Do I recommend? Oh yes indeedy.

Jez: I certainly didn’t know much about Weend’ô beforehand, having noted to myself that I needed to investigate their music but never quite getting round to it, but their performance has inspired me to rectify that asap. They played a fascinating set with Laetitia Chaudemanche as the focal point, whether singing beautifully or at her keyboards, her solo piano piece a captivating experience. The band’s music does not fall into easy categorisation, an intriguing amalgam that moved from delicate to much more muscular, the band possessing all the necessary skills to pull it all off with panache. Another highlight of the weekend but from an unexpected source.

From the review on the picture of this article :  https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10156312193437784&set=pcb.10155983359699874&type=3&theater&ifg=1

“…Their focal point is the spectrally attired Laetitia Terence Nguyen, who combines dreamy, powerfully charged vocals with virtuoso piano playing. The band conjure up a late-night, smoky, atmospheric vibe, mixing ethereal keyboards with acoustic and heavy guitars”.

STUDIO SESSIONS – 2nd album – JULY 2017

The preproduction has been finalized end of June 2017. The band started the recording sessions in studio in July 2017  - during 3 intensive weeks !

The recordings started on 10th July and finished early August 2017 -

> DRUMS, BASS and VOCALS were recorded at Tardis Studio (Lusignan Petit, FR):  http://tardis-studio.com

> GUITARS/ KEYBOARDS were recorded at Zik Passion Studio (Port Ste Marie, FR)


you can watch the sessions videos by clicking in the media part (videos- studio)…


A MASSIVE THANK YOU TO THE 155 Contributors for our Indiegogo Campaign

We wanted to thank you deeply from our heart all those below persons for their contribution to our indiegogo campaign that allows us to produce our 2nd album !

It is thanks to you if we are able to go to UK this year as well ! It is thanks to your support that Weendo keeps on creating !! “Time of Awakening” is an Hymn to Life (visible & invisible) – hard to describe with only words..it is more with the feelings that we understand what’s around and inside us…Another famous quote from Nietzsche : “The Artist has the power to awaken the strength to act that lies dormant inside other souls”.

total : 155 persons have been contributing to this new project !! that is absolutely amazing for us ! 

Jean-Christophe Le Brun, Laurent  Bonicalzi, Marc et Lydia Chaudemanche, Frederik Hardy, Takashi  Oguchi, Laurent Carpentier, Arnaud Antonelli, Marc  Lafé, Arnaud Schmitt, Stephane Mayere, Jean-Luc Ravenel, Clio Lestable, Yann Zanella, Brigitte Pigatti, Philippe Dussaysaye, Jean-Michel Thomas et Monique Martin, Gérard « Superpapy », Sophie Foussat, Véronique Stella, Robin Smith, Rob Rowe, Benoit Pallard, Thomas et Agnès Konsler, Alain De Greef, Fabien Bienvenu, Jean-François Corizzi, Stéphanie Jondeau, Laurent & Fanny Wilb, Jean-Noel Del Castillo, Philippe Brocas, Antony Ahmed, Barbara Forster-Villion, Alain Colin, Vincent Dortel, Camille Mur, Bruno Chiorboli, Donovan Testa, Pierre Capgras, Didier Viger, Gérald Marie, Dominique Le Ber, Lionel Lainard, Cyril Rozé, Nathalie et Paolo Zambon, Marco Iannello, Martine Philippon, Thomas Viger, Thierry et Anne Guillo, Vincent Papy, Dominique et Valérie Bordas, Bernard Pitollet, Fabrice Bessellere, Nadia et Lionel Guénand, Gérard Blascos, John Legaux, Catherine Pain, Robert Guillerault, François-Xavier Scharschmidt, Agnès Rami, Cyril et Annabelle Chaudemanche, Jean-Pierre Courcier, Jean-Michel Sauret, Jean-Luc Delmont, Lionel Rami, René et Virginie Baudouin, François Sauve, Amandine Phlippon, Arnaud Bianchi, Gaetan Guillo, Marjorie Banet, Thierry Gatignol (dit “Fred De Groville”), Francis Clairet, Catherine et Claude Guillardeau, Aurélie Blancheton et Guillaume Thouens,  Les Morganatics – Nicolas Van Dorsselaer, Marilyne Jodot, Fred Waller, Régis Amann, Jarl Idar Haraldseid,  André Sobeczko, Jean-Luc Bosq, Haroutioun Tarpinian, Catherine Cresegut, Ludovic Bienvenu, Claude Trovato, Mireille Rami, Pierre  Larras, Laetitia Schilling, Sylvain Villaret, Michel Udot, Christian Arnaud, Damien Guillo, Sjaak Dol, Pascal Jourdain, Nourredine Ahmed, Beatrix Piticco, Kolyani D’Jouder- Champetier de Ribes, Sophie De Hoest, Eric Salesse, Benoit Barry, Franck Alline, Laurent Massenat, Hans-Frederic Stora, F’lo T du Port, Jean-Luc Rami, Christine Sauvageot, Alexander Lavrenov, Alexandra Nicoleau-Gonnet, Eric Danet, Ludovic Leroy, Maxime Rami, Stéphane Lambrot, Philippe Soule, Nicole Bouzet, Moritz Kunkel, Ivor Lõõbas, Benoit Campedel, Chryslaine Lampenois, Benjamin Thouens et Céline Planes, Michel Murat, Elodie Sahuc et  Warren Nguyen, Christophe Giancarli, Nick Bochev, Alexandra Daymard et Mickaël Galves, Sébastien Dupouy, Mary et Colline de Frégimont, Sébastien Capelle, George Nguyen Van, Sébastien Laborde, “Les Néviannais” Magali Vergnes, Geoffrey Rolland, Bénédicte Dejean, Estelle Berquet, Sandrine Clavaud, Fabrice Seny-Couty, Laure de Moor, David Gautron, Barbara Cassagne-Marquet, Jennifer Depoorter, Véronique et Marc Garbay, Fabienne Prudhom, Carole Birello Chizat, Lucas Rizzotti, Emilie Deleville, Lutherie Lauberteaux, Céline Barthes, Emmanuel Ducroux, Priscilla Dufour, Patrick Marcuzzo, Tran Nam, Lilly Müller, M et Mme Buis, Sylvain Bohéra.