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“Time of Awakening” in the list of the Best Albums 2018 By Progressive Aspect (UK)

As we approach the half way point of 2018, The Progressive Aspect, in collaboration with Anthony Rowsick’s radio programme Prog-Watch, have collected together our “Best Albums of 2018 (so far)”. The programme airs on Progzilla Radio today at 1:30 pm, will be repeated again on Monday at 6:30 pm, and Wednesday at 11:00 pm (UK times).
Albums to make the list include Midas FallFrequency DriftMaladyAgusaPlenty musicPerfect BeingsWEEND’Ô (prog rock – France)Dave “Squids” Kerzner, Shan, MothertongueMy IndigoSubsignalRiverseaArenaYuka & ChronoshipNeil Campbell, Ryley Walker, DobbeltgjengerWeedpeckerThe Fierce & The DeadGalahadJohn Holden MusicGazpachoTHE C:LIVE COLLECTIVEFernando Perdomo Emperor NortonProfessor Caffeine & the Insecurities and The Aaron Clift Experiment




ITW of Laetitia in LORDS OF METAL (Netherlands)


Weend’ô is a French band that made a big impression on me when I was listening to their new album ‘Time Of Awakening’, the record was rewarded with a great score. I had never heard of the band before and, after doing some online searching, found out that the band is pretty young and unknown. ‘Time Of Awakening’ is only the band’s second album, the first being ‘You Need To Know Yourself’ which was released back in 2012. Since I really liked their last album, and like to support talented but unknown bands, I decided to reach out to the group for an interview. Singer Laetitia found herself willing to answer some of my questions with regards to the band and the latest album.

By: Leon | Archive under prog / sympho metal

Salut! Before we begin I would like to say congratulations on the release of ‘Time Of Awakening’. I liked the album from the very first play but it has grown on me even more over time (also, my dad is now a fan of your music). Have the review been to your liking so far?
Hi Leon, first of all I would like to thank you and your e-zine for your interest in Weend’ô, It’s our first interview for “Lords Of Metal” and we are very honored for such positive reviews received so far! Indeed we worked hard on this second album because we knew that Weend’ô’s existing fans and hopefully new ones would be looking for us to move to the next level. There are a lot of young bands with a highly technical approach in their music, music is evolving and we felt the need to insert such an approach into our music too. It seems that it has worked! We are very proud of this album, and it seems to be on many reviewers favorite of 2018 as I can read in many reviews. We will see at the end of the year if this remains the case.

Personally I feel that this album shows tremendous growth compared to your previous record ‘You Need To Know Yourself’, what do you consider the main differences between the two records?
Yes, you are right! When we recorded the album, we felt deep inside that something new from us was emerging. What you feel is certainly the fact that we incorporated more our feelings, we are more mature, we don’t want to hide these influences. The first album drew on our younger life experience, it was more personal. But this second album is definitely an album aimed at humanity!

As part of what we created together, there was a great performance from our drummer Nathanael; you can hear that on the album! And the Bass from Maxime is also more powerful. We know each other much better now since we have been together 8 years. Terence also worked a lot on the guitars parts! I remember the nights spent in our studio to record all of his solo’s for each song, He played around fifteen solo’s in total! He wanted to find THE special solo for each part. Nathanael recorded the drums in his studio with a great deal of care and for this new album I did my first solo on keyboard and created all the keyboard parts (except for Elea, where Terence created all the music, and Nathanael helped with adding some loops at the end). I also developed my vocals a lot. Another big aspect of the recording that makes the difference is that we recorded in our own home studios with our own sound engineer Jérémy Mazan (who used to work for metal bands in Toulouse). That makes a big difference when you have someone who already knows your sound very well and knows what kind of sound you want to step up to. He also sang his “grr” vocals on Elea at the end of the part one. We always wanted to combine his voice with mine and the result is really nice! If you add to that, the voice of Alan Reed at the beginning of Elea, and this song is absolutely amazing! For the mastering we worked with Acle from Tesseract, He congratulated us on our songs by the way and he was absolutely fantastic. The band added our wishes and ideas into the final mix, but it was Terence who made the final decision and chose this or that idea for the mix as he composed most of the parts for each song. As he is a demanding composer, he wants the result to be closer to what he “hears” in his head. Finally, it is clear that the main difference on this album is the powerful sound as we worked with guys who have been playing in metal for a long time.

On ‘Time Of Awakening’ the songs are clearly part of one story, yet you’ve decided to split them up into three pieces. I guess the same goes for the last two songs on the album ‘Elea’. Can I ask why you didn’t group them together in a single song?
To make it easier to understand and to enable people to feel and understand when there are changes and to help them go straight to a section if they like it particularly. But when we play them live, the songs are not disconnected.

I would like to know more about what the song lyrics are about, from your perspective. Could you give us a short explanation per song?
I’d like to specify how I write the lyrics before detailing the meanings. I need the music to work from. So first we created the music. Guys were playing their parts at high volume and I was sitting in the sofa with my paper and my pen – I need to be entranced by the sound -and suddenly I start to receive images that I have to translate into words. Sometimes it is a very strong feeling that comes out and I have to write immediately. Then I need to be alone to work on the lyrics again, still with the music at high volume, to see if other images will to come to me.

‘Time of Awakening’: it is an awareness of what is around us and inside us, what is visible and invisible. Because the total human power depends on those connections, all is one and we have all the knowledge inside ourselves. It is no more question of thinking but acting, to change our world and make it better! But the awakening has several steps:

‘Part one’: Accepting the invisible and being thankful for the beauty of the Creation. That guides you to the second part. Part two: you start to think a lot of why you are here, why you incarnated in this or that country, in man or woman, what is your mission…and you start to doubt , you start to question all the time, you want to reach the wisdom because you know that it is the end of the path, and part three comes, really painful. Part Three: unfortunately as you have started this awakening path, you could NEVER go back to your former “you” and you would feel lonely, you would develop more sensitivity, it is very hard to live at the beginning but once absorbed, you come back to life , you have the freedom to BE what you have to live for. For that, no chains are allowed. Keep faith in the universe and dare!

‘Angel Dust’: I put into this song a real and personal experience; I have been “visited” into my dreams by a very high being, absolutely magical and very beautiful! He knew all about me, it was incredible and he did not speak, he used the telepathy. He showed something in my dream, a warning, someone I had to avoid. The next day, what he showed me in my dreams was real! I discovered the truth in the “real” life. All this short story to give hopes, we are not alone, we are always carried by an Angel, we need to believe in them and ask them for their help.

band image
‘Elea’: ah Elea, this song is absolutely fantastic: it is a call to Earth for the Humanity! This is the BIG THANK to the new Earth “Elea”, and the Dragons! You know I feel it very deep inside my heart when I sing it! I feel all kind of forces. it all about reconnecting all of Humanity to the Cosmos and the Earth! You have to open your heart to listen to this song! it may bring you tears because it speaks to your soul, and your soul knows what I am singing. To tell you the truth, when I heard guitar part created by Terence (on Elea part two) for the first time, I was so touched that I could not stop crying and Terence was crying with me, we felt so much beauty , it was too much for our human hearts. We felt LOVE for everyone. This song should be played everywhere in the world and if one day, we could play this song with an orchestra, it would be fabulous.

I really like the artwork of the album (the water ‘splash’) and the paper inlay (the elf), how does this fit with the music on the album?
The water ‘splash’ as you call it is not only water. There is a shape, an animal. Can you see it? I wanted to put a symbol of a High Spiritual Energy: the Dragon. Because they are the guardians of some special lines on Earth and they have been back to help us for our actual evolution. The water is the memory and Life.

The Paper inlay, is a painting by a friend of mine, Mathieu Fappani (from Paris), who created what he “saw” when thinking about me and my lyrics. He comes from the French Brittany, well known for its mythical tales. I have French Brittany and Irish roots. We do feel both the visible and the invisible worlds I think because I was very impressed to see how he was connected to my inner feelings. There are a magic & mystic aspects to Weend’ô.

Right after ‘You Need To Know Yourself’ you’ve released a live DVD ‘FairytalAcoustic’, with stripped-to-the-bone versions of the songs on the album. What made you decide to do a live DVD and specifically with acoustic versions of the songs?
It’s very simple. In France, prog music is not so well recognized as abroad. In France there are a lot of festive music, acoustic music, even if there is a big ROCK audience!! But as the prog is not well broadcast, we need another angle to seek programmers who would be ready to let us play in their venues. To get more places to play, most people advised us to play acoustic songs and they were right, we played in Restaurants, in small Culture Centres, in Theaters, in a Castle, even in a Golf Center! And each time people discovered Weend’ô in acoustic form, we told them that we had an electric version and many of them became fans of the original version of Weend’ô .

Can we expect a live DVD following ‘Time Of Awakening’?
Why not? We have a project with a painter and mapping designer on a stage soon. So we could maybe use this opportunity for a live recording.

I read in an interview somewhere that you have stopped your day jobs to fully focus on music, is that still the case?
Yes that’s still the case and I am glad to say that we are officially recognized as musicians in France as there is a status for professional musicians. That’s great! We are lucky to have that status in France. But we need to enlarge our influence. We have to undertake several projects at the same time as either musicians or technicians, it depends on what we are offered That gives us time to build our own big studio and start creating new musical projects…and new songs for Weend’ô of course!!

There is a question I ask to everyone in every interview. The music industry has drastically changed in the last years. More and more people switch to streaming services, such as Spotify or Deezer, but because most of those people aren’t buying any albums anymore it means that artists are financially impacted. On the other hand it makes the artist’s music more accessible to people worldwide, which can lead to more fans. What is your take on all of this?
With Spotify and Deezer, there are so many artists we can discover, that is great. However, if you want your band to be discovered, we need to get reviews, from my own experience, Weend’ô has been discovered in many different ways – by word of mouth / via gigs /via reviews / via Facebook / via Twitter. It is harder to check how Spotify or Deezer have been useful for Weend’ô. We will see… For the albums, it is really different. Our album has been completely paid by the fans through Indiegogo, and thanks to reviews we got many orders. The one hundred cd’s we brought with us at our last tour in the UK in October 2017 were sold out within two days. At the Summer’s End Festival, we sold nearly all our stock of albums. To sell a lot of albums, it depends on playing live now. We need to perform a lot on stage if we want to sell more. And our label, Sonicbond in UK, is a real great opportunity to spread the word about Weend’ô !

What’s next in your agenda? Any plans of touring, perhaps even visiting the Netherlands?
In our agenda, we have projects for Weend’ô in acoustic this summer in our area, and the big project with the painter in August and in October. Then we will come back to UK next Spring 2019, at the Winter’s End and hopefully in other towns. And yes, for sure, we really want to play in The Netherlands! We have been in contact with Arne from Mr Bowler Agency to help us with that.

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions! Do you have any last words for our readers?
It was really a pleasure to answer your questions, and I would like to says to your readers to enjoy Life, and LOVE! We hope to share our music on stage with you soon! From Terence: “keep listening to the real good music and make it known to your children”.


“Time of Awakening” – Featured Album by KISS THAT PROG (Scotland – Radio)

Hi everyone, hope you are all well and looking forward to the weekend. Thank you again too everyone who tuned in to last night’s edition of Kiss That Prog – Listen Lanarkshire. If you couldn’t drag yourselves away from the football on TV or want to hear it again, you can do so here on MixCloud…/kiss-that-prog-21-june-2018/

Here’s our setlist for last night:
Original Asia - Face on the Bridge
Circuline - Who I Am
Crescent Moon - Heart of Darkness
Peter Gabriel - More Than This
Sean Filkins - The English Eccentric
Chris Squire - Silently Falling
Spock’s Beard - To Breathe Another Day
Comedy Of Errors - Disobey
Jethro Tull - Beggar’s Farm
Robert Berry - Somebody’s Watching
Camel – Band - Song Within a Song
Steve Hackett - One for the Vine (Live)
Times Up - No Smoke
Ayreon - Isis And Osiris
Porcupine Tree - Trains

Our featured album was one of best albums of the year so far. From French band WEEND’Ô (prog rock – France) it was Time of Awakening and along with the title track, we played Angel Dust and Elea Part 1. Even if you check out our Mixcloud show for this band alone, you will be very glad you did.

That’s all for now, enjoy the weekend and we’ll be back on the air next Tuesday at our usual time with another two hours of great music for you.

All the best



PROGRADAR recommends : Weend’ô “A group of talented and consummate musicians fronted by the amazing vocal talent of Laetitia”


Released 17th March 2018

Order the album direct from the band here

Weend’ô – Time of Awakening

There’s some really good music coming out of France. I’d heard of Weend’ô but it wasn’t until I’d made their acquaintance at last year’s Summer’s End Festival that I really got to see and hear how good they really were.

A group of talented and consummate musicians fronted by the amazing vocal talent of Laetitia, a singer heavily influenced by Anneke Van Giersbergen and one who has completely transcended any such comparisons now. The band’s sound has previously been described as falling somewhere between Pink Floyd’s more ambient moments and the modern riffs of Tool, a fair comparison although I feel they are ploughing their own unique musical furrow nowadays.

Atmospheric rock music with prog-tinged hues and a real under current of the blues to the fluent guitar playing, I find it totally addictive and fronted by Laetitia’s sultry rock voice it takes on a whole life of its own. ‘Time of Awakening’ is a call to humanity to keep faith and hope despite the appalling events currently afflicting the world. Discussed in the wistful and ethereal hymn Elea, nothing can stop the true evolution…

Seven songs, forty-three minutes long, this deeply engaging album will immerse you in Weend’ô’s singular musical world and it is a place you may find exceedingly difficult to leave. This wonderful album is definitely my unexpected find of the year so far for 2018.

Rating – 88/100

Released 30th March 2018

Order the album from bandcamp here

newtoplogo3 The Progressive Aspect UK

Review by The Progressive Aspect (UK) : “it easily matches up to Nightwish or Lacuna Coil in metallic content”


Weend’ô – Time of Awakening

Article by: 

Music always has the ability to affect emotions, but although those moments are quite far between surprises happen. I first heard Weend’ô (pronounced ‘Window’, it’s Japanese) at the Summer’s End festival in Chepstow last year, and as seems to be the norm, organisers Huw and Stephen had pulled something special out of their bag of tricks. Weend’ô were the opening act for the Saturday afternoon. Arriving about 4 minutes late, hearing the end of their opening number I was immediately enraptured; musical control in all areas, covering multiple stylings and crowned with a voice that is almost as comfortable with the operatic as it is with the bluesified rock elements.

Although I purchased this album at Summer’s End, it was officially released on 2nd February 2018 on the newly formed Sonicbond label (another product of the dynamic duo, Stephen & Huw. You decide which one is Batman, I shall not be drawn). It remains great, and due to the release date available for my end of year selection, even though that is many month’s away!

It is atmospheric, combining music and sounds to a dramatic effect, the album seeking to address the turmoil around the world in 2017 and asking humanity to keep faith and hope, despite the worlds troubles; the band’s belief is that we are entering a new period of evolution and experiencing a new paradigm, even though many of the events have been very personal to the communities affected. High thoughts in a world troubled by religion, and in many cases the reaction being for some to become more spiritual. Angel Dust, the single from the album, addresses this from a personal perspective, and again in Elea but with a broader view. Even if you are unable to grasp the view that All is one – both the visible and invisible worlds – nothing can stop the true evolution…

Time of Awakening, both the title and the ensemble parts that make up the majority, is the opening piece, three pieces with a common thread and, from my point of view, dealing with the nature of change and that which is ‘force majeure’, meaning that we have no control over how and when these changes occur. Through speakers it is wonderful, through headphones it seems to reach another more involving level.

At times metallic, changing to almost folk, operatic, ballad-like, the voice of Laetitia Chaudemanche touches so many points, and those chills and thrills multiply. Although not listed as an influence on their web page, I find her voice reminiscent of Guesch Patti (Patricia Porasse), check out L’Homme Au Tablier Vert (Fleurs Carnivores)from Nomades (1990), though you may disagree. The lyrics provoke thought too, I recommend a hard copy of Time of Awakening album, it would be nice to read the words, but sadly the lyrics are not available here.

For a long piece in three parts, Time of Awakening does not pass slowly, and I am more than happy on the third listen as I write this review. Many an album requires a step back, reflection and consideration before depressing a key, had I done so here, my view would not change.

Max Rami and Térence Nguyen Van look the part of metal players, however appearances are deceptive and their performance are nuanced giving much depth to the music that could easily become lost in power chords and shredding. That is not to deny the contribution of the drumming of Nathanaël Buis, even in the quietest moments the band are one.

Angel Dust rings with emotion, the music opening with a metal riff before dropping to something far more subtle, and much like a towel from the radiator, wraps around you, enveloping you in its warmth. They really mix things up nicely.


The album concludes with the two part prayer Elea. With lyrics written from personal reflection and experiences, they pose questions for us on our own take on life’s journey and the future. It’s been a while since I have given this album a spin – so little time, so much music – but it is as fresh and still with those chill moments that I experienced when I walked into The Drill Hall at Chepstow the first time. I am very selective on my purchases at these events. Limiting my budget so as not feel the need to sell my soul to attain enlightenment, but with Time of Awakening I am very happy to have parted with my hard-earned cash.

The album, at least on the Bandcamp download, ends with the radio edit of Angel Dust, but give yourself a treat, purchase this, it easily matches up to Nightwish or Lacuna Coil in metallic content, and the rest is a joy too. Look out for live performances as well; the music itself is amazing, live it rises further up the celestial pyramid.

01. Time of Awakening, Part 1 (7:05)
02. Time of Awakening, Part 1 (5:04)
03. Time of Awakening, Part 1 (8:06)
04. Angel Dust (8:20)
05. Elea, part 1 (7:07)
06. Elea, part 2 (4:18)

Total Time – 40:00

Laetitia Chaudemanche – Vocals, Keyboards, Lyrics
Térence Nguyen Van – Guitars, arrangements
Maxime Rami – Bass
Nathanaël Buis = Drums, Loops

Record Label: Sonicbond
Country of Origin: France
Date of Release: 2nd February 2018