Biography :

I started to learn music at 15, without expecting anything special. The first guitar keys, lessons and bands with my family, rapidly convinced me and absorbed all my attention. Since I met Terence in 2006, when he played with my metal local band as a bassist, we developped a sincere relationship and after the split of my band, I became the bassist of Weend’ô. I’m a fan of all kind of music. So , Weend’ô enables me to develope metal, rock or jazz riffs.

Married since September 2016, I am an active musician in several local bands, guitar/bass teacher (Audiolight Music). Nevertheless, I concentrate my musical work on Weend’ô .

Musical Influences :

From Porcupine Tree to Dream Theater, passing by Karnivool, Incubus, Tool.

what pushes me to go on :

Music, my wife, my family and my friends ! Life in one word !!

what I hate the most :

the Morons !!

my favourite movies :

The lion king

my favourite meal :

A good meal of Pasta cooked by our master “Pastalatchi” (nickname of Terence)

equipment on stage :

Bass designed & made by Anthony Lauberteaux, Bass GetL designed & made by Anthony Lauberteaux, Head “Markbass” multiam stereo, Baffle “Markbass”.