Terence Guitare fuméeCA1_4080

Biography :

I started to play guitar when I was 16, influenced by my brother-in-law, guitarist and fan of blues rock. Thanks him I discovered all the rock family of 70′s! Led Zep, Hendrix, Zappa etc…At 18, I played both in an orchestra and local bands (playing covers). I’m a self-educated musician. What lead me to create Weend’ô is a mix of all my experiences (musical, emotional, spiritual). I wanted to convey sthing sincere with all I had deep inside.

musical influences :

Jimmy Hendrix, Pink Floyd, Mike Oldfield, The 70′s, the hard rock time with Guns n’ roses, Metallica, Acdc, Queen, Scorpion and more recently Tool, Incubus, Porcupine Tree, Dream Theater.

what pushes me to go on :

The will to make people’s attitudes evolve towards sincerity. I even think about proposing a new religion called “Boudhalus” : religion that might appear in a coming future gathering the adepts of Boudha, Allah and Jesus. Once established, a great part of the world would live in Peace !

what I hate the most :

Megalomaniac, Mythomaniac, Hypocrite people.

my favourite movies :

Matrix & Fight Club, they changed my look at the world.

my favourite meal :

Duck breast with all kind of sauces.

equipment on stage :

Guitar Music Man JP XI, Axe FX II preamp/effects processor, Guitar Godin, guitar Fender, acoustic guitar “Art & Lutherie” , GT10 Roland, Boss wah pedal, k + electronic archer e-bow. JVM Marshall amp.