Weend’ô Airplayed on Solid’Rock (26/02/2017)

Specialized in progressive rock music, Philippe Dussausaye, radio host at Radio B (FRANCE) discovered recently our band on FB and hereafter his comments after listening to the full album remixed in 2013 “You Need To Know Yourself”  :

“ I did really enjoy listening to your album, it is really well done, a prog sometimes atmospheric, sometimes metal, sometimes melodic, very inspired and powerfull ! I’m looking forward to discovering the next album, Magnificent ! Thank you !!!!!!

the link (in French language only) : http://www.tropiquesfm.fr/105-solid-rock (“Betrayal” and “Experience” were airplayed)


Laetitia’s voice on the new album of Alan Reed “HONEY ON THE RAZOR’S EDGE”

Following their meeting last September 2016, thanks to the party “An evening with Clive Nolan & Friends”, Weend’ô met 2 great renowned artists : Christina Booth (Magenta) et Alan Reed (ex member of Pallas).

The vocal delivery of Laetitia , in duet with Clive Nolan, had made a positive impression to Alan who asked her to put her voice on some new songs…: « Northern Light » (featuring Christina Booth et Monique Van Der Kolk du groupe Harvest) et « Used To Be Someone ».

Other collaborations have to be underlined as well : Jeff Green (lead guitar), Lazuli’s Claude Leonetti (Leode) and Steve Hackett (HarmonicA).

Laetitia : : « Alan is a great guy, a wonderful singer , very kind and affordable…with whom we spent long hours chatting at our host’s home..very pleasant moments ! to do it again, without any hesitation !  I am really happy and honored to be part of Alan’s album and after listening to the harmony with the voices of  Christina and Monique..I find it fabulous ! »


New Album – Autumn 2017

The band have been composing since the last summer 2016, after a long break due to the personal projects of the founders Laetitia-Terence.

A new electrical album is foreseen for this autumn 2017 !

The Title will be announced in Spring , on the occasion of the fundraising campaign . The tour dates in France and England will be also revealed.