Nous avons vécu une joie immense au Festival progressif international « Summer’s End » au Pays de Galle !!

Ce fut absolument dément ! Un public réceptif à notre univers musical : tous les nouveaux albums qu’on avait rapportés avec nous ont quasiment tous été vendus !! il ne nous en restait que 5 pour le lendemain au Festival de métal chant féminin à Birmingham !

voici qqs retours de personnes présentes ce soir là au festival : 

> De Brian McAllister « To finish my top three acts of this year’s Summers End festival, this band was a revelation to a lot of people. They gave a fantastic performance. »

> De Progressive Aspect

Saturday, 7th October 2017

A lovely day greets us as we drive back into Chepstow, park up and stroll to the Drill Hall. It promises to be a good day but it’s an unexpected highlight to start…

Weend’ô (F)

 Tony: Saturday; post breakfast, the machinations of mice, men and bowls of fruit, we arrive at The Drill Hall, Weend’ô have started and the powerful voice that is Laetitia Chaudemanche is demanding that I come and listen. It’s a wow, reminding me of Guesch Patti & Encore, it balances on the proverbial knife edge with both power and poise; without words the band of Térence Nguyen, Maxime Rami and Nathanaël Buis demonstrate a beautiful musicality, paired with Laetitia they become perfection. Yeah, okay, I am enamoured yet again by a great female voice. Yes, I bought their latest, Time of Awakening, and it is a cordon bleu banquette of sound. Do I recommend? Oh yes indeedy.

Jez: I certainly didn’t know much about Weend’ô beforehand, having noted to myself that I needed to investigate their music but never quite getting round to it, but their performance has inspired me to rectify that asap. They played a fascinating set with Laetitia Chaudemanche as the focal point, whether singing beautifully or at her keyboards, her solo piano piece a captivating experience. The band’s music does not fall into easy categorisation, an intriguing amalgam that moved from delicate to much more muscular, the band possessing all the necessary skills to pull it all off with panache. Another highlight of the weekend but from an unexpected source.

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