Following their meeting last September 2016, thanks to the party “An evening with Clive Nolan & Friends”, Weend’ô met 2 great renowned artists : Christina Booth (Magenta) et Alan Reed (ex member of Pallas).

The vocal delivery of Laetitia , in duet with Clive Nolan, had made a positive impression to Alan who asked her to put her voice on some new songs…: « Northern Light » (featuring Christina Booth et Monique Van Der Kolk du groupe Harvest) et « Used To Be Someone ».

Other collaborations have to be underlined as well : Jeff Green (lead guitar), Lazuli’s Claude Leonetti (Leode) and Steve Hackett (HarmonicA).

Laetitia : : « Alan is a great guy, a wonderful singer , very kind and affordable…with whom we spent long hours chatting at our host’s home..very pleasant moments ! to do it again, without any hesitation !  I am really happy and honored to be part of Alan’s album and after listening to the harmony with the voices of  Christina and Monique..I find it fabulous ! »